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Second Season Plots


201 The One With Ross' New Girlfriend

Rachel, ready to reveal her feelings to Ross, meets him at the airport; her plans fall apart, however, when she finds out about his new girlfriend, Julie. Chandler, already feeling guilty about revealing Ross's feelings to Rachel, now feels worse that he encouraged Ross to forget about her. The gang watches Sumo Wrestling. Phoebe gives Joey and Chandler haircuts; Monica wants one, too. Phoebe is reluctant because of Monica's picky nature, but finally gives in. Monica wants a cut like Demi Moore; unfortunately Phoebe confuses "Demi" with "Dudley". Chandler needs a suit made, and Joey refers him to the family tailor; while getting measured for pants, Chandler gets a little more attention than he bargained for. Ross sickens everyone (especially Rachel) with his constant gushing for Julie. In Rachel's depression, she sleeps with Paolo again.

202 The One With the Breast Milk

Carol breastfeeds Ben, causing Joey and Chandler discomfort. However, even stronger reactions occur when Ross is taking care of Ben and Phoebe checks the temperature of the bottled breast milk by tasting it. Julie invites Monica to go shopping; Rachel finds out and feels betrayed. Joey's status as the Bijan Cologne Man is threatened when his department store hires someone to be the Hombre Man. Rachel tries to be nicer to Julie, but is less than sincere.

203 The One Where Heckles Dies

Chandler breaks up with a woman because her nostrils are too big--yet another superficial reason to avoid a real relationship. Mr. Heckles complains again about the noise--it's disturbing his birds (he could have birds). Phoebe, Rachel, and Joey impersonate Janice. Mr. Heckles dies, apparently while hitting his ceiling with a broom because of the noise from above. Phoebe doesn't believe in evolution, which bothers Ross enough that he feels he has to convince her of the theory. Rachel and Monica inherit all of Mr. Heckles earthly possesions; while clearing out his apartment, they discover that Heckles was quite a funny guy in his time. Chandler is upset to find how much he has in common with Mr. Heckles, and in his determination not to die alone, he calls Janice... only to find out that she's married and pregnant. While trying to decide which of Heckles' things to keep, Rachel realizes that Monica doesn't consider the apartment to be "their" apartment.

204 The One With Phoebe's Husband

Phoebe, it turns out, is married to a gay man who needed a green card and she's still in love with him but he wants a divorce and he's not gay. (Friends or Melrose Place? :-)

205 The One With Five Steaks and an Eggplant

Chandler has a date with a mysterious "Jade" who leaves a message on his machine by mistake; Monica gets a promotion and some free steaks in the deal; Joey, Phoebe, and Rachel are upset that the others do so many expensive things like Hootie and the Blowfish concerts; Ross has a birthday.

206 The One With the Baby on the Bus

Ross has an allergic reaction to Monica's kiwi lime pie, leaving Joey and Chandler to their version of "Adventures in Babysitting." Meanwhile, Rachel tries to break bad news to Phoebe regarding Phoebe's gig at Central Perk.

207 The One Where Ross Finds Out

Rachel decides to move on with the rest of her life but a misplaced phone call jeopardizes her decision, bringing both Rachel and Ross to a crossroads; Monica becomes Chandler's personal trainer; Joey offers Phoebe some advice on relationships.

208 The One With the List

Ross, trying to decide between Rachel and Julie, makes a list of pros and cons which Rachel reads.

209 The One With Phoebe's Dad

Phoebe finds out her father is still alive; Ross tries to get back on Rachel's good side; A Christmas party is held.

210 The One With Russ

Rachel begins dating a guy who looks and acts just like Ross; Fun Bobby isn't so fun without alcohol; Joey quits acting.

211 The One With The Lesbian Wedding

Carol and Susan decide to get married and Ross has a hard time with it; Rachel's mom pays her a visit and drops a bombshell; Phoebe gains the spirit of a deceased woman.

212 The One After the Superbowl, Pt. I

Ross goes off in search of Marcel, his Monkey; Joey begins dating a fan who thinks he and his Days of our Lives character are one and the same; Phoebe sings for children and angers parents (but starts dating the man who hired her).

213 The One After the Superbowl, Pt. II

The quest for Marcel leads to a movie set; Monica tries to go after Jean-Claude Van Damme; Chandler meets a make-up artist and Joey has a break.

214 The One With The Prom Video

Ross and Monica's parents drop off some keepsakes including a video of Monica and Rachel's prom double date; Rachel discovers in that video something about Ross she finds irresistible; Joey gives Chandler an ugly gold bracelet as thanks.

215 The One Where Ross and Rachel...You Know

Ross and Rachel... you know; Monica gets reacquainted with an old family friend; Joey and Chandler get new chairs they can't leave.

216 The One Where Joey Moves Out

Rachel and Phoebe get tattoos; Monica sees her parents do something she'd rather not have seen; Joey decides to move out.

217 The One Where Eddie Moves In

Chandler gets a new roommate; Ross gets on Monica's nerves by being around so much; Phoebe makes a video for "Smelly Cat";

218 The One Where Dr. Ramoray Dies

Monica & Richard and Ross & Rachel have their first fights; Joey gets killed off of "Days of our Lives"; Chandler's new roommate wears out his welcome.

219 The One Where Eddie Won't Go

Chandler's new roommate won't move out; Now that Joey is out of work he can't afford his rich lifestyle; The women read a women-empowerment book.

220 The One Where Old Yeller Dies

Phoebe discovers that her mother never let her see the sad endings to movies; Richard tries to be more like the guys; Rachel is mad at Ross for having planned out the rest of their lives.

221 The One With The Bullies

Bullies won't let Ross and Chandler use the Couch in Central Perk; Monica gets addicted to playing the stock market; Phoebe tries to visit her father again.

222 The One With Two Parties

Rachel's parents are getting a divorce and in order to keep her parents apart, the gang ends up throwing two simultaneous birthday parties for Rachel.

223 The One With The Chicken Pox

Phoebe has an out of town visitor and they both get Chicken Pox; Monica is bothered that Richard is nowhere nearly as neurotic as she is; Joey gets a job at Chandler's company and makes Chandler miserable.

224 The One With Barry & Mindy's Wedding

Rachel deals with Barry's wedding; Monica and Richard discuss their future; Joey needs to practice kissing another guy for a part he wants to get in a play.